Understand Service Quality

Easily determine the quality of your service with our fully customisable audit questionnaire.

Improve Your Inspection Process

We can help you make great strides in improving the efficiency, consistency and cost-effectiveness of your inspections.

Mobile, Cloud-Based, Reliable

Improve the quality of your service from anywhere with our tablet-based solution – perfect for remote or mobile auditors.

Improve efficiency, raise quality and cut costs.

Monitor – What is it?

Monitor is our cloud-based audit solution which diagnoses service quality, with an aim to highlight underperforming areas of your facility or service. Monitor is trusted by some of the largest fast food chains to inspect service and health and safety quality across the UK.

How Does it Work?

  • Customised inspection auditing – Design and create the audit around the parameters that are unique to your service.
  • Weighted parameters – The audit questions are given a weighted response according to their importance and, when completed, provide an overall service rating and identified areas for improvement.
  • On-site data inspection recording – Auditors can input inspection data with supporting evidence and record corrective actions.
  • Real-time reports – To help rectify uncovered areas for improvement and gain valuable insight.

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Cypad on iPad

“Our partnership with Cypad gives our customers reassurance that we can offer a fully robust and reliable service”.

– Food Service Options