Efficient, Paperless

Enabling children or staff to select meals using the whiteboard or tablets in class is proven to increase meal uptake. Your catering team will know which meals to prepare well in advance – usually before 9am.

Keeping Children Safe

Pupils are only able to select pre-determined allergy (or dietary) safe meals created from a centralised menu.

Reduce Waste

Having the choice of over 150 in-depth reports, such as which meals are most popular and cost per meal, combined with knowing meal selections in advance will help you reduce waste and save money.

How it Works

  • Paperless Meal Selection – Children love selecting meals on the whiteboard or tablet, making mealtimes more manageable for all.
  • Efficient Meal Management – Meal choices are logged into the Cypad system, which can be accessed centrally.
  • Early orders – Meal orders are available to the catering team by 9am – including a complete list of ingredients.
  • Speeds up service  – Queues are shorter, with faster throughput.
  • Uptake insight – Once the meal service is over, it’s easy to export reports, highlighting what was popular and what was not.
  • Realtime reporting – Manage and review income and consumption from across your kitchens, in one place.
  • Centralised Menu Management – Review and update nutritional information, share multiple menus, safeguard against allergens, record meals and anonymously identify free school dinners.

Download the Meal Selection brochure

meal selection school meals manager

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“Meal Selection has made a big difference to speed, timing and the meal selection process is a lot quicker”

Llandough Primary School