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Efficient, Paperless

Generate reports for your head office to compare expected stocktake against the physically reported values. No more spreadsheets or printouts..

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Maintain accuracy

Identify particular stock items that are being used more than expected, differences in stock usage between kitchens and ways to optimise efficiency of recipes.

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Reduce Waste

Track trends over time, identify savings and efficiency opportunities leading to reduced waste, reduced cost and higher margins.

Cypad Intelligent Stock Control on tablet

How it Works

  • Set up new recipes – Allocate ingredients, recording nutritional information for new recipes.
  • Record portion numbers – Set item quantities and number of portions sold or served from the kitchen.
  • Automatic stock update – Automatically calculate the expected stock overnight, helping the kitchen maintain accurate stock usage.
  • Generate reports – Check stock over time and identify persistent shortages and surpluses with no extra analysis work.
  • Identify efficiency gains  – Compare the calculated expected stock against the physical stock reports to identify savings or unexpected trends.

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“Cypad completely changed how we manage all our kitchens, saving us over £70,000 a year in food waste and lost admin time, thank you!”

– Bolton Local Authority