Products: Cypad School Caterer
for small groups of schools

Offers a reduced version of our two most popular products: Kitchen Manager & Meal Selection.

Kitchen Manager offers a solution to administration within the school kitchen: from staff hours, absences, food & fridge temperatures to meal take-up and profits over various periods. Meal Selection is web-based and fully integrated into the online payment system ParentPay.

  • App modules are user-friendly on all levels. They are intuitive for cooks, managers, parents and school administrators. For pupils it is engaging and entertaining.
  • Meal Selection supports reading and communication for pupils who have not yet learnt to read due to the animation & colourful pictures.
  • The Kitchen Manager suite covers stocktaking, ordering, staff attendance, forms on health and safety, and management reporting.
  • It also keeps schools and school leaders informed on the healthy food culture that schools support and compliance with Health & Safety requirements.
  • The app has been proven to reduce food waste in the kitchen and increase meal uptake. Catering Managers can understand how efficiently kitchens are working by reporting on meals produced per hour.
  • Provides evidence of encouraging healthy eating for Ofsted inspections.

  • Allows meal selection for school trips or outdoor picnics because packed lunches can be added into the meal selection options. This increases meal uptake on these days & improving overall profitability.
  • Through ParentPay parents can login once & upload money & pre select their children's meals.

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    One App for Online Payments, Meal Pre-Selection, Data Collection & MI Reporting in your School Kitchen.