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You choose the modules you need and add more as your requirements change. Being web based there is no software to install on your PC or laptop.

Tablets or smartphones are used to collect data, which is held safely and securely in the cloud. All you need is a web connection, to manage the system and use the reports.

Kitchen Manager for School kitchens

Kitchen Manager is used in schools across the UK. It forms the core of a suite of apps that support caterers in all the steps of providing an effective school meals service.
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School Catering Management

Management Reporting across a catering contract with full back office capability - reporting and analysis with over 150 performance indicators such as uptake & cost per meal.
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Meal Register & Meal Selection

Meal Register: Income and consumption across your contract. Use a tablet based meal register to record who consumes a meal. A simpler alternative to biometrics or cards.
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School Caterer

Developed for small groups of MATs or single sites. It offers tablet & web based basic versions of Kitchen Manager & Meal Selection. Fully integrated with ParentPay, it offers options for parent or child meal selection plus reporting and paperless compliance in the kitchen.
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Online Payments for Caterers and Schools

Online Payments & Cash Collection: Online school meal payments system & cash collection. Visibility for caterer, school, parents & council. You also have your own web site.
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Monitor for Service Delivery Auditing

Monitor is a well-established and flexible system that enables you to determine the quality of the service you provide or have a requirement to audit. It improves the efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness of your inspection process.
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Mobile Working

Cypad can be used to great advantage in many areas of mobile working beyond monitoring: time management, risk assessments, customer surveys, property surveys and general data acquisition. It can also be used to manage assets and for staff training records.
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