Products: Monitor

Cypad Monitor is a well-established and flexible system that enables you to determine the quality of service you provide or have a requirement to audit. It improves the efficiency, consistency, reliability and cost effectiveness of your inspection process.

Using tablets, inspection data along with comments, corrective actions, photos and signatures can be collected on site and transmitted wirelessly to a central database. Creating real-time, professional audit reports for internal and customer use and analyses of the data that enable you to establish trends, uncover potential problem areas and gain valuable insights. Inspections can be modified and printed from any web connected PC or laptop. A variety of standard reports are available and can be exported to Excel.

The audits are very much under your control. You control the questions asked, the weightings given to them, how they are arranged and the frequency with which they are to take place.

The communication with the tablet is two way, so information can be sent out as well as received. This enables them to form the key element in a more general mobile working strategy and helps ensure managers' time is used efficiently.