Products: Mobile Working

The same device that is used for monitoring can be used for all aspects of mobile working in a service environment: time management, data collection, risk assessments, asset management, staff training records. Also property and customer services and general data acquisition.

Time management: Staff take a few seconds every time they visit a site to record the activities they are engaged in. This quickly builds up into a rich repository of information from which you can ensure that staff are being used effectively.

Risk assessments: Identify the hazards and the level of risk they pose. Determine the control measures needed to reduce the risks and record they are in place. Templates can be used as the basis for any new assessment ensure consistency across sites.

Asset records: View and update asset information on site using your tablet. This module enables you to locate, move, request repairs and print inventories of asset information. You can also view service records. Assets can be located by site, type, asset tag and barcode.

Staff records: General staff records, training taken, and training required through to timesheet analysis, available on both the tablet and desktop. With staff records available at all times, queries relating to training can be answered both on and off site. Can also be used to analyse work patterns and absence rates.

Customer Surveys: A simple, uniform way of determining how customers perceive your service. You design the survey and can use one or more handhelds to collect survey data directly from the customer. This becomes available for immediate, real-time analysis. Surveys can be modified on the fly or can be customised to the environment in which they are being used.

Property surveys: Carry out property surveys and include photos and whatever other information you want about each property. Build up a portfolio documenting the state of a stock of properties. You have access to this documentation whenever you are out and about.