Products: Kitchen Manager for School kitchens

Kitchen Manager covers all the administrative functions that are carried out in a school kitchen and removes the need for paper in often cramped spaces. Stocktake, ordering, daily and weekly temperature checks, health & safety form filling, meal number and other data collection, kitchen log recording and documents such as menus, recipes & manuals.

The system is used throughout the day by the caterer. The web based element is available for the school administrator and headteacher to share the insights gained about the operation of the kitchen and ensure it is operating as efficiently and beneficially as possible.

Collect data about your operation/kitchen and see at a glance useful performance indicators such as uptake and meals per hour, including benchmarking the performance of your kitchen against other similar kitchens across the country to improve approaches and share good practice.

school catering from beginning to end: selection, production, consumption, payment, analysis