A new way to manage multiple menus

We know that for many caterers the task of menu management can be onerous and often rather complicated too.

Whether you’re creating menu items, formulating templates or sending spreadsheets, it’s fair to say caterers have a lot on their plates when it comes to keeping their sites in check.

Throw multiple sites into the mix and you suddenly have quite the ‘to do’ list. For many caterers, this level of reporting and monitoring can require seemingly endless amounts of paper, not to mention admin time.

Moreover, given up to 8% of children in the UK have some form of food allergy, the need for caterers to ensure students are eating not only healthily, but safely too, has never been greater.

But this is no easy task for school caterers, who have their work cut out in the face of ever-changing dietary needs and food choices – never mind limited money and resources.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simpler and easier way for caterers to build and assign menus no matter the number of sites or pupils’ dietary requirements?

Well, our appetite for change and innovation means we’re always looking to make a difference. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to simplify and streamline the process of menu planning.

In doing this, we hope to significantly reduce the amount of time and effort required to prepare the kitchen for caterers and schools alike.

What’s more, we want to make it easier than ever for caterers to build allergy safe menus for students with specific dietary requirements.

As such, we’re proud to introduce Centralised Menu Management. This revolutionary new tool is designed to transform the way caterers build and assign menus, while making the kitchen a much safer place for all.

Here are some of the key benefits this brand-new feature has to offer.

Reduced Workload for Caterers

Centralised Menu Management makes never-ending lists of menu items and templates a thing of the past. How? We hear you ask…

First things first, caterers will now be able to offer bespoke menus for each school, without the admin of individually editing each menu.

Essentially, the caterer need only create a single ‘master menu’, which schools can then tailor to better suit their needs.

The ‘master menu’ enables caterers to define menu item options and set maximum and minimum restrictions. This gives caterers greater flexibility in terms of menu engineering.

Furthermore, caterers can also suggest menu items should they have a particular preference according to their stock list, or the time of the year. To do so, they can preselect menu items before sending across their menus for schools to approve.

Better still, normal menus needn’t be removed from the system, as all master menus are copied over the normal template. This means that users can continue to manage their existing menus, and then seamlessly switch to the master menu at their convenience.

Finally, once a menu is assigned to a site, it is then in lockdown. This means the template will no longer be editable and any amends from there on in will be made by the caterer themselves, reducing the likelihood of miscommunication or confusion later down the line.

New Approvals Tab for Multi-sites

Centralised Menu Management makes it easier than ever for caterers to track whether schools have submitted their menus for approval.

Courtesy of the new and improved configuration system, caterers will have greater visibility regarding which schools have or haven’t submitted their menus.

Additionally, caterers can now define the number of days their schools have to submit their menus. Notably, they can also enable automatic approval, if they’d prefer, it’s completely up to them.

As a result, any schools that exceed the allotted time as allocated by the caterer, will have their menus automatically submitted for approval, saving caterers the need to follow up and chase.

Improved Flexibility for Schools

Due to the relaxation of tighter legislations, caterers can now afford schools greater flexibility when it comes to designing their own menus.

Accordingly, Centralised Menu Management will enable schools to choose from a series of options as defined by the caterer. Ultimately, this means schools can have a lot more say in terms of building and defining their menus.

Allergy Safe Menus

Centralised Menu Management is set to revolutionise the way caterers build allergy safe menus for children with specific dietary requirements.

According to each student’s needs, caterers will now be able to create allergen-specific menus completely hassle-free, be it via a bespoke single menu, or a ‘master menu’ designed to be used across multiple schools.


This means they’ll no longer have to spend countless hours manually creating bespoke menus for multiple schools; they can simply assign menus to a master template instead.

In doing this, we hope to drastically improve food safety, while streamlining and simplifying the laborious task of menu planning for caterers and schools alike.