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About us

We use Android tablets, iPads and smartphones to provide software for over 60 local authorities and commercial organisations at thousands of sites. Cypad is used in a wide variety of situations: school catering, cleaning, grounds maintenance and service organisations.

Tablets and smartphones are now everywhere – you can’t travel on a bus or train or walk through a city centre without seeing people using their devices for an increasing variety of activities. Cypad has been providing mobile solutions for a decade and embrace the many possibilities that these devices, with their large screens and powerful capabilities offer.

The system is hosted and fully web based so it has no impact on your internal IT systems. There is no software to install on any PCs.

The strength of our solution comes from bringing together the approachable capability of the tablet with a web based desktop providing powerful back office functions for administering the system and making best use of data once collected.

We put you in control, letting you share your information not only with your staff but also with partner companies and clients. The system is scalable so you can start simply and add capability as you need it. We provide approachable, local support and recognise that whether you are in a kitchen, office or out and about you need assistance quickly.

mobile solutions
Cypad has been providing mobile and catering solutions for over a decade